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You Can't Change...

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

...What You Don't Acknowledge.

Imagine if you decided that one night you would sit quietly and reflect on your life. Would you delve into the past, present and future? Normally you’d be concerning yourself with the same old routine of watching TV, playing the games console, busying yourself with chores or housework or working in your study trying to finish something for work. But on this night, the house or unit you live in is quiet, the TV is off, your pets are asleep and your chores are all done.

As you meditate on events throughout your life, would you be satisfied? Thinking about your lifestyle, your working environment, friends, colleagues, finances or even the state of your personal fitness, are you happy with how you've managed those things throughout your life?

According to the World Happiness Report 2017, a set of nationally representative surveys

undertaken in more than 160 countries, the results vary greatly. If you are looking at the general and subjective numbers of most western countries, the average score would be between 60-70% satisfaction whereas if you were looking at countries like Africa the data suggests that most countries there average between 0-50% satisfaction.

Data taken from

Statistics aside, a very common problem I discovered when coaching my clients and fellow coaches was a pattern of blaming a symptom of their problem/s over and over again, rather than focusing on the actual causes. In some cases, they were stopped in their tracks from even identifying their problem. They knew they had a problem, but kept looking at only the symptoms, never digging deeper to find the cause. This resulted in frustration, annoyance or confusion about what to do and it blocked them from being able to work out a clear path forward.

It’s like a magic trick. Sleight of hand. You can see the illusion and be bewildered, shocked or confused by the performance, but the Magician never lets you see even a hint of the mechanics behind the riddle, so you have very little hope of ever solving it.

A life coach can be of great support during these times, not only helping to solve your own personal riddles, but to make sure that once you take action, you follow through with the appropriate solutions.

Remember the last time you learned something new? Perhaps it was a new hobby, or a new job or activity. You didn't know how to do it properly at first. Maybe you watched other people, perhaps they taught you special skills so that you could learn quickly. It's a bit like learning to dance if you've never danced before. You need to learn so many different aspects just to accomplish that one task. First you need to understand rhythm, how to find the beat. Then you need to know how to hold your body so that you look relaxed and graceful. Then of course there's how to move and it's not just about the feet. Every part of you moves when you dance and every part of you needs to learn how. It can be incredibly frustrating if you don't have someone who knows what they're doing showing you how to do it.

It's the same with a Life Coach. There are traps we all fall into. A good Life Coach has the knowledge to identify your problem areas and the skills to help you find your solutions.

Investing in a life coach takes a lot of the frustration out of a long learning curve.

Life coaches have many tools to help you find your way and to break the endless looping cycle of frustration, annoyance and anger you encounter on your life’s journey.

If you are considering making a life changing decision but are not sure what you must acknowledge and change, give me a call...


Contact: David Gillman - The Mindset Mechanic

Mob: 0481152683

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