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mindset mechanic

Mindsets are beliefs about ourselves that govern our daily lives. 

They can be incredibly empowering or overwhelmingly damaging.

Many of us are trapped in fixed mindsets that haven’t changed since we were children.

We’re accustomed to doing things a certain way. 


We’re comfortable talking the same way we did

when we were young, using only a handful of

tried and true words.

They get the job done. 


They’re sufficient, but that’s about all you can say. 

Fancy Dinner Party

We navigate our social circles in predictable,

tried and true fashion. 

We have people we go out to dinner with,

the ones we invite around for a barbeque,

others whose kids go to school with ours,

guys we play touch footy with every Thursday night, then we all head off to the pub.

Those circles are enough.

Occasionally someone new comes along

and shakes things up a bit,

but they soon settle down or they leave.


We’re comfortable with the status quo.

Perhaps we chose our jobs,

maybe our jobs chose us,

but we’re in no hurry to change things.


It’s safe and comfortable. 

If we should decide to look elsewhere,

that involves upheaval and changing so many things,

new work colleagues,

new pecking orders to get used to.


It all sounds a bit too much.


One quick question; -


Is safe,



tried and true,

status quo

good enough for you?*

*hint: If you want more out of your life, you'll need to change things.

I can help you.

“Unfulfilled dreams are a life sentence to mediocrity.”
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