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youth coaching


When you're a kid, sometimes life doesn't go exactly how you planned. 


Most of us would like to be popular or at least have a few really good friends and get through school without too much hassle, but it's not always like that.


Even those kids who seem like they have it all,

you know the ones, the cool, confident kids with

good grades, those kids that everybody loves,

even they sometimes have trouble coping. 



20th Century parents
raising 21st century children

From a kid's perspective, it doesn't matter how tough it was when their parents were growing up,

it's a pretty safe bet that things are a lot tougher now.


   Sure, some things are the same, but there's a lot that isn't and they're things that parents didn't have to deal with when they were growing up.

Naturally there are the predictable pitfalls of social awkwardness, bullying, stranger danger and the like, that have been troubling children for generations,

but how about the new challenges? 

Helping your child stop bullying.jpg

​Things like social media, cyber-bullying,

very accessible pornography, gender identity/fluidity, just to name a few.  These have us all sailing through uncharted waters.


So it's not surprising that sometimes your child finds it hard to work their way through all of this, especially if they think there's no-one to help them.

So how do 20th Century parents chart a course for their child in an increasingly more complicated world, when they don't have experience with 21st Century challenges? 

With a 21st Century solution!

Life coaching for kids 
the 21st CENTURY solution

David Gillman has specialist knowledge when it comes to helping provide your child with the skills and strategies they'll need to live their best life.

He works alongside you in ensuring your child has every opportunity to thrive.  Coming from a challenging background himself, David is experienced in helping children who have been victimised, bullied or face issues that block their personal growth. 


He will help them to move forward with their lives in meaningful and constructive  ways.

What can you do?

If you suspect your child is facing obstacles in their life that are holding them back, there's a very good chance that they would benefit from a Life Coach to help them fulfill their  potential. 

Perhaps you need confirmation that they are dealing with issues they've been keeping secret.  Maybe they don't know how to tell you what's really going on in their lives. Unfortunately, you can't change what you don't acknowledge.

Read our Checklist for Youth.  It might help you identify problems before they become bigger problems. You'll find it here. 



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