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David Gillman  MY STORY
Passionate, Inspirational, Dedicated

I experienced many setbacks in the early stages of my life. Bullying, lack of self-esteem and poor physical fitness were just a few of the issues I dealt with every day. At age 12, when I realised I was one bad event away from taking my own life, I forced myself to deal with the deep-seated anxiety and depression which nearly cost me everything.

In the process of confronting these challenges, I inadvertently developed far left-field solutions which also seemed to be beneficial to other people. I turned my weaknesses into strengths and in doing so, was able to turn my life around. When I entered adulthood, I became aware that in learning to help myself, I had equipped myself with the tools I would need to help others.  I had found my purpose – contributing to the happiness and success of others.

I embarked on a lifelong quest to learn and grow every day.  Part of that involved studying N.L.P. for the last twelve years. It also involved intense focus on the creation of beneficial new mindsets.  These are used to re-frame our thought processes and re-programme our actions and reactions to challenges, drawbacks and impediments which we encounter on a regular basis.  


I discovered that it’s not WHAT we think, but HOW we think that really matters. This was a revelation to me, because it meant that anyone who needed or wanted to change could be taught. It was not dependent upon how clever or not they already were; it depended entirely on how willing they were to invest effort in themselves and think differently.


My particular specialty in coaching involves guiding you to develop a new mindset, one that will help you break old habits and beliefs that are holding you back.


Together we create new strategies that will take you forward to personal and professional success!

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“As your coach, I have a passionate interest in helping you

break through your personal barriers to achieve your goals

and attain your dreams.”

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  • N.L.P. A.A. Master Life Coach

  • N.L.P. A.A. Master Ericksonian Hypnotherapist

  • N.L.P. A.A. Master Practitioner

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