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I Let Other People Make My Decisions

Have you ever wondered what you’d do without someone in control of your life?

If you feel that you’ve handed control of your life to someone else, when did you decide to do it?

What lead you down that path?

If you were to sit quietly one night and reflect on your life and wonder why everyone else seems to be able to use you for their own means, maybe it’s time to reflect on these questions:

Are you indecisive?

Do you doubt yourself?

Do you say “ok” or “yes” to everything even though your best interests are not taken into consideration? Worse yet, do you say ‘Yes’ when you know with certainty that you really want to say “No”?

Do you resent the people in control of your life?

Do you know what you want?

Do you feel like the victim? Are things happening to you instead of for you?

Do social interactions drain you? Or by being a people-pleaser are you throwing yourself under the bus?

By answering these questions, you have already taken your first step to end this unhelpful lifestyle. If your answers upset or disturbed you, perhaps it’s time to turn over a new leaf.

Your second step is to draw your line in the sand and determine that from now on, you are in control of your decisions and ultimately your life!

If you are still stuck, then it is time to reach out for assistance that is tailor-made to be specifically helpful to you.

Reach out to me here...


Contact: David Gillman - The Mindset Mechanic

Mob: 0481152683

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