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I Lack Social Abilities

Updated: May 1, 2019

The ability to connect with members of your family and members of the wider community is one of the most important keys to personal growth and success. It is a major factor that determines whether you will flourish and succeed in life or flounder and struggle instead.

Can you imagine how many arenas your social abilities influence?

What happens if you’re struggling to connect with other people?

How can you improve your chances of creating and strengthening the relationships you really want?

On the first day of life coaching class, we were taught that in any interaction with clients, the very first thing you must do is create rapport. If you don’t bother building this bridge with your client, or when you want to interact with others, then you will have little to no chance of working with that person.

How does one build rapport?

Here are some basic suggestions you could work with:

1.) Greet someone properly. Try to look them in the eye, use their name and say, “hello, (John or Fred or Maggie) how are you?” or “Hello, it’s lovely to meet you (Sarah or Pam or Tony).”

2.) Be mindful of your actions when you enter a room. Can you sense the energy around you?

3.) If you must leave a conversation, excuse yourself thoughtfully.

4.) Be aware of the tone and level of your voice around others. Try to match the tone and level others are using.

5.) Use proper cell phone etiquette. This means putting your phone on 'silent' when in conversation with someone. The person you are speaking with face to face is far more important than the person on the other end of the phone. They can leave a message.

6.) Use basic table manners and old-fashioned mannerisms, like pulling out a chair for an elderly person, or standing so that they can be seated.

7.) Be mindful of your language.

There are many more actions one can take to ensure a good connection with other people. If however, you are still having difficulty connecting with others, then perhaps there is another factor that’s interfering with your social skills.

This is where digging deeper or unpacking the problems of the past for examination and understanding will be required.

If you are having trouble finding a solution to this problem, please reach out to me here...


Contact: David Gillman - The Mindset Mechanic

Mob: 0481152683

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