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I Drink &/or Gamble Too Much

The freedom to gamble and drink is a privilege many of us experience during our lifetime, but what happens when the fun and the buzz of drinking and gambling is outstripped by the consequences?

In many cases, the problem begins early on. You become addicted to the buzz of winning, or to the buzz of alcohol, which loosens you up. Initially, you like how it makes you feel. In many cases, it helps you enjoy great times with friends or colleagues. Unfortunately, both of these seemingly innocent pleasures can have nasty consequences.

In many cases, both gambling and drinking can end up requiring more resources than you had ever anticipated.

It may start out with you borrowing money, maybe from a financial institution or friend. Once the money is blown you realise that the other party has their hand out for the money to be returned and you are stuck.

Trust from your friends, associates and family members can diminish or even disappear.

Your credit rating can be destroyed.

If you are paying a mortgage or a car loan, what happens when you have difficulty servicing that loan?

With the inevitable stress of not being able to service the loan, what happens then? You become desperate to service the loan, to repay your debt, to make it all right again.

Initially you try winning the money back.

You might figure out a way of sneaking money out of your partner’s wallet or purse or even their bank account. Or you request a loan from them or simply ask that they do you a favour and give you a few dollars until payday. But the addiction is still there, and what happens? You need to service the temporary pain of that addiction, by dulling it down with more drinking, more gambling. Now you're in a downward spiral that seems to have no end.

What are your choices?

First you need to consider the following questions.

1.) What will happen to you if you continue pursuing your drinking or gambling addiction?

2.) Will your life improve or get worse?

3.) What would you give to turn your life away from gambling or drinking?

4.) What would you be doing with your life if you pursued more constructive paths of living?

If you are wanting to change your habits and pursue a more fulfilling and less stressful life, reach out to me here...


Contact: David Gillman - The Mindset Mechanic

Mob: 0481152683

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